Our History


In 1987, while still in school, Nick "Doc" Abbott spent every waking hour building a truck for his new company. He wheeled and dealed on a Ford that was wrecked and sitting behind a local business. The bed was gone, and the the chassis was wrecked but only a few years old. He talked another neighbor out of an old dump bed laying in his field, and drug that home to weld and repair. He put it all together, threw on a set of chrome wheels, and had it running better than ever. Next, he sanded and painted wooden sideboards on the bed with his new company name...and Abbott Hauling was born!



From there, Doc started taking on small jobs in the communities near his home--just north of the city of Pittsburgh. With the proceeds from his first few jobs, he acquired a skid loader, track excavator, tagalong trailer, and another dump truck. Here he is operating a Ditch Witch and digging a French drain in an Allison Park housing plan (a suburb north of Pittsburgh). Over the years, Abbott Hauling morphed into NEA Excavating; while Doc made a name for himself as a master craftsman and smooth operator. His work ran the gamut from new residential construction to commercial site development and redesign.




Early in 2003, Nick purchased this red Peterbilt beauty and restored it to pristine condition. The truck his nephew coined "Optimus Prime," became the sole bread winner for a few years while Nick's son was little.

Over the next seven years, he purchased two more trucks and managed an exclusive contract running three truck and trailer rigs hauling steel gears on a dedicated run between Neville Island (near Coraopolis, PA) and Chicago, IL.



We caught Doc peeking out from inside a new septic tank during a recent install. Now with almost 25 years of general contracting and hauling experience under his belt and a family at home, Nick has steered back into his first love and forte: residential excavating and commercial land services. Abbott Excavating and Landscaping specializes in swimming pool installations, residential driveways, and septic systems, and other general contracting work. Click our Services tab for a list.