Porch and sidewalk - Dormont

This century-old home project included stripping years of paint layers and resurfacing the old concrete porch, tearing down and rebuilding the brick walls at the steps, and pouring a new front sidewalk.

Sidewalk Stamping - New Castle

Here are two sample projects from New Castle customers. We poured new concrete, used tinting and random stamp, then sealed it for a great looking finish. Used car dealership and restaurant entrances.

Retaining wall - Saxonburg

In the Saxonburg valley, this customer was having drainage issues from the hillside behind his home. We cleared the folliage, excavated, and installed a retaining wall and patio in the back yard.

House Addition

This project in Evans City, PA included removing an old wooden deck and erecting a residential brick addition to add a sun room to the home and expand the existing cellar's utility space. The winter picture with the deck was what it looked like when we signed the contract--before we started work. Then in the spring Big Red rolled onto the site with the backhoe. Doc started digging the foundation to pour the new footer.


Here we replaced a sidewalk in front of a local daycare center. The owners enjoyed Doc's attention to detail when he matched the swirl marks in the existing concrete!

Commercial Parking Lot

We recently completed a commercial parking lot in New Castle, PA that included installing curbs and sidewalks. Here is a picture of Nick (aka "Doc") building the curb forms to pour the next day.

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